Impact workshops & organizational change management

I lead dynamic workshops to help teams maximize the impact of their work. During the workshops, teams set impact goals, explore current workflows across departments, learn about methods, tools, and platforms for understanding success. Each session is custom designed to meet your specific organizational needs. 

In addition to workshops, I work directly with leadership to develop strategies for including staff perspectives in impact frameworks and strategic learning opportunities in order to shift organizational culture.

strategy design

I work with teams to design strategies that will maximize the impact of projects, from documentary film and journalism to grassroots organizing and community agriculture. Strategy design includes constituent stakeholder and power mapping, contextual analysis (including policy analysis, when relevant), and field mapping. What does your organization do best and where is the greatest potential for change?

Impact research

Your work generates positive social change. I can help you better understand the how and the why so you can ensure that your resources are invested as efficiently as possible. I use qualitative and quantitative research methods, as appropriate, to measure the real world change associated with your work. I frame findings as usable insights that can inform your ongoing organizational strategy, as well as be used to report to organizational stakeholders. This is M&E of the future.