Impact Strategy Design

What does your organization do best? where is the greatest potential to spur change? 

These questions guide our approach as we work with clients to design strategies that will maximize the impact of their communication strategies and media projects. Our strategy design process includes identifying key stakeholders, analyzing contextual and political opportunity structures, and systems mapping. 

Our clients have included documentary filmmakers, journalists, grassroots organizers, and community farmers. 

Strategic Learning & Evaluation

How effective are your organizational strategies and how can you pivot to generate even more impact?

Research that employs methods from the social sciences can help you better understand how and why your work generates positive social change so you can ensure your resources are invested as efficiently as possible. We set benchmarks and gather quantitative and qualitative data, both proactively and retroactively, and present findings as actionable insights to inform your ongoing organizational strategy and to share with a variety of  stakeholders. This is "Measurement & Evaluation" of the future.

Workshops & Organizational Change Management

Your team cares deeply about generating social change, but how can you get everyone on the same page?

Our dynamic workshops help teams align goals and strategies to maximize the impact of their work. During workshops, teams set impact goals, explore current workflows across departments, and learn about methods, tools, and platforms for understanding success. Each session is custom designed to meet your specific organizational needs. 

In addition to workshops, we work directly with leadership to develop strategies for including staff perspectives in impact frameworks and strategic learning opportunities in order to shift organizational culture.

Research on demand

We work independently or with teams to conduct research such as literature reviews, surveys, media landscape analyses, and content analyses to meet organizational needs, answer tough questions, and generate information to inform strategy.