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Lindsay Green-Barber, Ph.D.

She is a listener, a teacher, a learner, and a speaker.

Green-Barber is a leader in the media impact strategy and measurement space and an expert in international human rights regimes, especially those regarding indigenous peoples and women and girls. She has worked with media organizations, nonprofits, and funders to develop custom impact frameworks, design strategies for maximizing impact, and conduct research to assess their success. Green-Barber has been invited to speak at dozens of conferences across the US and internationally about media impact, new media trends, audience and community engagement, and how to build high-impact strategies.

She is a firm believer in applied research and is passionate about ensuring equal access to information generated through research processes. 

After nearly four years at The Center for Investigative Reporting—as an ACLS Public Fellow and then as Director of Strategic Research—Green-Barber started The Impact Architects LLC in order to work with even more organizations in the fields media, communications, social justice, and human rights, and the foundations that support them.

Green-Barber earned her Ph.D. in political science from the City University of New York Graduate Center. She is based in San Francisco, and has spent time living in New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Ecuador, Italy, and England. 

Architect Network

The Impact Architects LLC network includes experts across the globe working in universities, research centers, philanthropic foundations, and strategic consulting agencies. Subject area experts, methodological wizards, and innovative thinkers are brought on to work on projects to ensure that the design, implementation, and measurement of your organization's impact strategy is expertly architected.